Audubon Waspy's Open 24-Hours a Day - Waspy's Truck Stop
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The fuel pumps at Waspy’s Audubon location are always open.

At Waspy’s Audubon, Iowa, location, you can stop for fuel day or night. The gas station and convenience store can meet your needs 24-hours a day.

Red neon Open 24 Hours sign surrounded by purple neon circle on black brick wall

Fuel your vehicle and yourself at Waspy’s, in Audubon, Iowa.

If you’re traveling across western Iowa and in search of a place to fuel your vehicle and yourself, look no further than Waspy’s, “We’re More than Just a Truck Stop.”

Wide Range of Fuel Options Available

Our 16-plus acre Audubon complex features an array of fuel options available all day, every day. 

We have nine diesel pumps with enough variety so truck drives can blend their own. Waspy’s also features gas pumps with super, premium, unleaded, and ethanol. 

We even have an agricultural diesel pump with enough room to drive your tractor or combine.

In addition to the fuel pumps being open 24-hours a day, Waspy’s Audubon convenience store is open 24/7. 

Grab a snack during your stop at Waspy’s convenience store.

Grab Food at Waspy’s Convenience Store

The store includes a Grab & Go kitchen, a selection of coffee, and a large bakery case as well as F’real ice cream, a spirits den and a cigar humidor.

Clean Restrooms are a Priority

In Audubon, we have two large men’s restrooms and two large women’s restrooms. Both restrooms have handicap accessible stalls, changing tables, and automatic flushing toilets. 

Not to mention, they are accented with tiled granite countertops. At Waspy’s, our restrooms are clean which is our #1 point of pride!

We have Extra-Wide Parking Options & LED Lighting

For both cars and trucks, there are extra-wide parking options for those wanting or needing a bigger area to park their vehicles.

Clean public restroom with granite counter, three sinks and three mirrors.

At Waspy’s, clean restrooms are our priority.

To ensure safety and security for our customers, we have security cameras and directional LED lighting across our parking lots and overall property.

If your gas tank is almost empty, or you want to fuel yourself with a coffee and quick snack, remember, Waspy’s Audubon location is open 24-hours. We can’t wait to see you!

Truck and Trailer Wash

The Audubon truck stop now has a state of the art truck and trailer wash. We offer a variety of rinses including: trailer rinses, bio-secure washes, disinfectant, aluminum brightener and more. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 7:30AM to Midnight, Saturdays from 7:30AM to Noon. On Sundays, we are closed to the public. Let Waspy’s Truck Wash be a part of your ‘go to’ one stop shop.

This post was written by Waspy's Truck Stop