Whaddya Know About Waspy's?! - Beth's Previous Job

Beth Handlos – to know her is to love her! Beth is the Chief Operating Officer at Waspy’s. However, do you know where she worked before coming to Waspy’s? Let’s find out if our customers know the answer.

Where Did Beth Work Before Coming To Waspy’s?

On our Facebook page this week, we asked our followers if they knew where Beth worked before coming to work for the family business. On our poll, we had 114 votes and 4 comments. So what’s the answer??

beths previous job facebook pool

The Answer Is…

Beth's previous job was working for Iowa State University

Beth worked for Iowa State University. While she loved working there, she was happy to help grow the family business. We are impressed with the voting results. We had 110 votes for Iowa State University and 4 votes for the State of Iowa. Good job!

Join Us Next Week!

The Waspy’s team loves seeing your guesses. Keep voting each week and test your knowledge. Go Cyclones!

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