Truck Washes/Tire Repair/Diesel Repair

Truck washes
Waspy’s knows a clean vehicle not only looks good but runs better, which is why we have a state of the art truck wash on our premises in Audubon, IA. Being environmentally safe is smart, so we’ve made sure our truck wash uses a minimal amount of water, while still giving you the best wash possible.

We all know that livestock trailers need their turn at the truck wash as well. Waspy’s has two bays for our customers, so you have plenty of room to clean up and air out. For the dry vans and tanker exteriors, we have an additional bay just for you.


Along with wanting your truck and ag vehicle to look its best, our Audubon, IA location also offers tire and diesel repair. After giving your vehicle a wash and shine and getting any repairs done, make sure to stop over at our trucker store and check out our large assortment of truck accessories and amenities.