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7 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Car Regularly

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Do you get regular oil changes and replace worn out tires? If you’re vigilant about maintaining your vehicle, is a regular car wash one of the items on your checklist? It’s important to make washing your car a priority. A stop at Waspy’s car wash in Templeton, IA can help maintain your vehicle! There are several reasons why you should wash your car on a regular basis.

Reasons Why You Should Clean On a Regular Basis

  1. Maintain the integrity of the exterior of your vehicle: Dirt and debris chips, scratches, and wears off the paint giving the car a dull appearance over time.
  2. Safety: Bugs and debris on windows and mirrors can create a safety hazard because it prevents drivers from seeing the road.
  3. Prevent rust: If you live in a cold climate where salt is applied to the roadways, then washing your car should be the main priority. Salt causes rust across the frame of the car, and washing is the only way to remove it.
  4. Keep a new appearance longer: Regular washing and cleaning make the car look new.
  5. Prevents the spread of germs: Cleaning the car’s interior is just as important as the exterior. In fact, it prevents illnesses and the spread of germs.
  6. Helps the environment: Automatic car washes are more environmentally friendly than driveway washing. Car washes use less water and the soap/waxes are flushed down a sanitary sewer.
  7. Increases resale or trade-in value: Regular cleaning helps protect your investment and maintains a high-quality condition of your vehicle. Dealers are less interested in dirty cars with scratches and chips because those vehicles are harder to sell to picky car buyers.

Take care of your car by visiting the car wash in Templeton IA, or our car wash in Audubon, IA today!

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