Waspy's Templeton Car Wash | Automatic & Hand Wash Available
Templeton Car Wash

Get Your Vehicle a Touch Free or Brush Wash

Waspy’s Templeton Truck Stop isn’t just a place to fill up on gas or grab some tasty food from our grab and go kitchen.

We also have a car wash that offers several options, all of which include a high-pressure pre-wash, a pre-soak sealer and a spot-free rinse.

We offer a touch free wash as well as several brush wash options.

Among other extras, our Gold and Waspy’s Special washes also come with a tire/wheel blaster.

Do It Yourself Options

Waspy’s car wash also has a hand wash bay for those who want to do the washing themselves.

We also offer a detailing station complete with vacuums so that you can get the inside of your car clean as well as the outside.