Waspy's Templeton Car Wash

The best way to get your vehicle clean in the Templeton area! We offer four different car wash options including the Waspy Special for $10, the Gold Wash for $9, the Silver Wash for $8, and the Touch Free Only for $8.

You can click the button below to sign up for our car wash XpresWash program as well. It is fast & easy!  Simply pull up to the car wash, it scans your tag and then gives you the green light to enter the car wash. It then automatically charges the account that you have specified.

XpresWash works by utilizing RFID (radio frequency identification) to read a unique identifier off of the windshield mounted tag. The system then is able to lookup the vehicle information, account holder information, and determine the selected wash package based on that identifier. RFID is a fast, dependable, and secure way of linking a vehicle to an account. Here are the car wash terms and conditions:

  • Each XpresWash pass is per vehicle
  • The car wash may occasionally be unavailable due to repairs or weather-related events
  • Waspy’s car wash reserves the right to suspend car wash privileges
  • A fee may be assessed for RFID tag replacement or transfer

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