Fuel Education Center | Gas, Diesel & Bio-Fuel Options Available

Not Sure What Fuel To Use?

fuel education centerLooking to fuel your truck or car? At Waspy’s, our fueling station can take care of your fueling needs. We have a wide selection of fuel options to get your vehicle back on the road. Keep on reading for our Fuel Education Center.

The fuel you choose highly depends on the type of vehicle you drive, personal preference, and your pocket book. In case you’re curious about the differences and similarities, we’ve compiled a list of fuel options.

Types of Fuel at Our Fuel Center

When deciding the best fuel for a car, truck, or tractor we’ve got you covered. We have plenty of pumps and plenty of space for you to get your vehicle in and out. If you have any questions about your fueling options, stop in the shop and our friendly staff would be happy to help. If you drive a diesel engine, feel free to stop by our diesel repair shop. When driving cross country semi-trucks can become very dirty so make sure to check out our bio-secure truck wash. Our truck wash has become very popular because many truck stops in the area do not have one. When driving cross country semi-trucks can become very dirty so make sure 

Our fueling station is conveniently located next to the convenience store and The Feed Mill restaurant, so you can get a bite to eat or grab something for the road after you are done filling up. Stop by Waspy’s the next time you need to fill your tank and make sure to check out our snacks and souvenirs in our convenience store.

We hope this Fuel Education Center page has been helpful. If you have any questions about the types of fuel available at our truck stops please feel free to contact us

Dusk, orange sunset over car wash and gas station pumps at waspy's truck stop