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Understanding diesel fuel types is essential when driving any diesel engine system. Having knowledge on important topics that affect one’s life, is always a good thing. So what makes diesel so special, and how can we better understand diesel fuel in order to use the right ‘type’ for our specific diesel engine? Let’s find out.

DIESEL Fuel Types 101

Technically, there are three types of diesel fuel options, but it is essential to break down the details. For instance, there are two types of standard diesel fuel: Diesel #1 (or 1-D) and Diesel #2 (or 2-D). Then there is biodiesel which is mainly made of agricultural materials. So with this being said, what type of diesel are you supposed to be using? And why?

Diesel #2 (2-D) & Diesel #1 (1-D)

Diesel #2 is typically used by truck drivers across the country. Because diesel is rated by its cetane level, it is important to note that truckers use this type of fuel for a reason. A very important one. Cetane levels determines how fast the fuel burns and how ignitable it is. Therefore, diesel #2 is purchased by truck drivers because it is significantly less volatile. Because truckers are carrying heavy loads and are driving for long periods of time, using the less flammable fuel is necessary. Furthermore, it has better fuel economy as well.

Diesel #1 is more volatile compared to diesel #2; however, diesel #1 flows more easily and is more efficient in colder temperatures. This is why it is sometimes called winter diesel. Not only is diesel #1 not prone to freeze in sub-zero temperatures, but it is easier on the engine too. It has a quicker starter period which lessens the wear on the engine’s battery.

Combining Standard Diesel Fuel Types

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If you are currently driving in significantly below freezing temperatures and have a diesel engine, you may be wondering why you are not using Diesel #1 since it is more efficient in winter weather. However, most truck service stops, especially in colder climates, will add a bit of 1-D to 2-D to ensure an efficient diesel riding experience. So do not worry if you are in a place with bitter winters, most fuel service stations will offer blended diesel for quality control.


Biodiesel is considered an ecologically-friendly type of diesel. Because it is made from natural, renewable sources, it is a cleaner-burning diesel. Furthermore, it is made from agricultural materials such as vegetable oils and animal fats. This fuel type directly affects America’s dependence on overseas petroleum. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Using biodiesel as a vehicle fuel increases energy security, improves air quality and the environment, and provides safety benefits.”

Audubon Diesel

At Audubon Diesel Truck & Trailer Repair Shop, we are prepared to answer all of your diesel engine questions. Our diesel mechanic operators, Kaiti Anthofer, Travis Anthofer and Doug Anthofer, are here to guide you with all of your diesel engine repair specifications. Please give them a call at (712) 563-3737 to set up an appointment. Additionally, we have a fuel educational center at the adjacent truck stop if there are any additional questions about the types of fuel you should use. Whether you are driving a truck, trailer, tractor, or automobile, we have something for everyone. Check out this article on Types of Fuel for further information.

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