Waspy's Audubon Car Wash | Automatic & Hand Wash Available

Car Wash Located in Audubon, IA

Waspy’s Car Wash is the best way to clean your vehicle in the Audubon, IA, area! We offer four different options for our customers.

If you want to sign up for our XpresWash program, click the button below! Signing up only takes a few minutes, and the benefits are endless. When pulling up to the wash, it will scan your tag and give you the green light to enter. It will automatically charge your account—the quickest and easiest way to wash your vehicle in Audubon, IA.

How does XpresWash work? It utilizes radio frequency identification to read the mounted tag on your windshield. After scanning your tag, the system looks up the account holder information, vehicle information, and which wash package was selected by the customer. XpresWash is the fastest, safest, and most dependable way of linking a vehicle to an account and proceeding to wash your vehicle.

Terms and conditions for the car wash:

  • Each XpresWash pass is per vehicle
  • The car wash may occasionally be unavailable due to weather-related problems or repairs
  • Waspy’s Truck Stop has the right to suspend wash privileges
  • A fee may be assessed for RFID tag transfer or tag replacement

Questions about the XpresWash? Contact Dan Nowatzke at 712-563-5413.

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