Mudflap Fuel Savings at Waspy's Truck Stop in Audubon, IA - Waspy's Truck Stop

Great news for truckers visiting Waspy’s Truck Stop! We’re excited to announce a partnership with Mudflap, the leading fuel discount app for the trucking industry.

Save on Every Gallon

Mudflap helps truckers find significant discounts on diesel fuel at over 1,500 truck stops nationwide. You can potentially save up to $200 per fill-up, putting more money back in your pocket.

More Than Just Discounts

Mudflap goes beyond just saving you money at the pump. Here are some additional benefits:

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While You’re Here…

While you’re fueling up at Waspy’s Complex, situated on 16+ acres, be sure to check out the many other amenities we have to offer, including:

Let Waspy’s Complex Be Your One-Stop Shop

Waspy’s Complex is committed to providing truckers with the resources and services they need to succeed on the road. With Mudflap fuel savings and a variety of on-site businesses, Waspy’s Complex is your one-stop shop for a smooth and profitable journey.