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Job Opportunities at Waspy’s

If you’ve been to Waspy’s in Templeton, you know that it is more than a truck stop. The new Waspy’s Truck in Audubon has the same high standards customers want….clean, friendly and where customer service is #1.

We are looking for more than just an employee that wants to punch a clock. The Waspy’s Team needs good people who are honest, hard-working, friendly and willing to help our customers in addition to each other.  We want our staff to be one of the best things about Waspy’s and that’s saying a lot because we have a lot to offer in Templeton with our fuel services, convenience store, café, car wash and RV waste station all in one spot.

Just like the Templeton location, the Audubon Waspy’s Truck Stop has a lot to offer. Some of the amenities include:

  • Blue Grass Inn & Suites
  • The Feed Mill Restaurant
  • Convenience store
  • Grab & Go kitchen
  • Fuel options
  • Car wash
  • RV waste station
  • A certified 5-axle scale

It doesn’t matter how good our products are if we don’t have good people providing the services. Plain and simple.

We are looking for all types of employment such as cashiers, cooks, custodial, and so much more. We pay competitive wages and health care benefits. We want the best and we want to make sure we keep the best.

Contact us for more information about job openings and scheduling an interview with Waspy’s.


  • While positions may or may not be available right now, please do still apply and we’ll be in touch (custodial, cooks, cashiers)
  • Questions? Email Bev Testroet at


Tire & Service Center | Truck Wash:

  • Please complete the job application.
    • You may email it to: Jeff Irlbeck at
    • Or mail a hard copy to: Waspy’s Truck Stop, Attention: Jeff Irlbeck, 2079 Highway 71, Audubon, IA 50025
  • Contacts:
    • Truck Wash: Jeff Irlbeck, 712-563-5454
    • Tire & Service Center: Tony Bush, 712-563-5403