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Waspy’s Truck Stop complex in Audubon, Iowa has a lot to offer travelers on the road, along with locals in the area. It is a one-stop shop with various amenities, like The Feed Mill, Grab & Go convenience store, an RV waste station, and Audubon Diesel to name a few. One of its newest additions is the truck and trailer wash. This state-of-the-art facility offers trailer rinses, biosecurity washouts, disinfectant treatments, aluminum brightener, and more. Whether you are a commercial driver, farmer, or RV owner, our bio-security washout is top-notch.

biosecurity washout

What Is A Bio-Security Washout

Generally, biosecurity is the avoidance of disease through the protection of health. More specifically, a biosecurity washout will reduce or eliminate the risk of the introduction or spreading of disease. It basically ensures that proper disinfection occurs from the top to bottom of all large vehicles using properly heated and sanitized water.

Who Benefits

Honestly, every commercial driver, bus driver, and farmer can benefit from this process. For instance, many farmers use bio-secure washes. The bio-wash effectively cleans trailers, grain trucks, and other farming equipment. In fact, a bio-secure trailer washout will help eliminate any germs or residue that might be left behind. It will also ensure you don’t contaminate the new cargo.

What We Offer

At Waspy’s Truck Wash, we offer livestock trailer washouts as well as bio-security washouts for a wide array of trucks, trailers, and oversized vehicles including semi-tractors, livestock trailers, feed trucks, flatbed trailers, grain trailers, and various farm equipment.

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