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Snacks Are For Camping

Summer is a popular time to go camping. Usually, when you think of camping, there are snacks, beverages, and food that come along. Fortunately, if you are near Audubon, Iowa, Waspy’s Truck Stop has you covered for all of your convenience needs! We have snacks to fill that sweet tooth of yours, and we also have healthier options such as fresh fruit, and an assortment of granola bars. If you plan to take a few hikes during your camping adventures, we also have trail mix and protein bars.

Lots Of Camping Near Audubon

If you live in the area, you probably know there is lots of camping near Audubon. If you are traveling through Iowa, particularly via I-80, you may also notice all of the camping exits. Here are a few of the campgrounds near and around Audubon, Iowa:

  • Albert the Bull Park and Campground
  • Littlefield Recreational Area
  • Danish Village RV Encampment
  • Prairie Rose State Park
  • Springbrook State Park

But even if you are traveling west to South Dakota or east towards Chicago, snacks, food, ice cream, and adult beverages may be just what you need.

Conveniences of Audubon Stop Shop

At Waspy’s Truck Stop it is all about convenience. Our one-stop-shop has you covered. Whether you are looking for sandwiches, fresh fruit, a fresh cup of coffee, or a flavorful slushie, stop in when you can.

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