South to Interstate 80 in Iowa

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Get freshly made food when you stop in south to interstate 80 Iowa, our Templeton location.

Are you heading South to Interstate 80 in Iowa? Whether you are taking a road trip, on a truck route, or on your way to work, a stop in Templeton, Iowa, is a great pit stop option for you for many reasons. Food, hotels, car wash, coffee, whatever your reason for wanting to pull off the interstate, Templeton, IA has it all. We have compiled a list of some great pit stops in Templeton, IA, that you may want to check out next time you head South to Interstate 80 in Iowa, starting with Waspy’s Truck Stop.

A Stop For All Needs – Waspy’s Truck Stop

Whether looking for a quick snack, a hot sit-down meal, fuel for your vehicle, or to stretch your legs, Waspy’s Truck Stop in Templeton, IA, offers various options for your needs. Waspy’s Truck Stop is a new facility located on US-71 between I-80 and US-30 and is not your typical truck stop. Waspy’s offers the following features:

  • Full-Service Truck Stop
    • Spacious Service Lanes
    • Wide Variety of Fuels
    • Lowest Fuel Prices
    • Clean Rest Rooms and RV Dump Station
    • Certified Scale
    • Wide and Secure Parking Areas
    • Car Wash
  • Convenience Store and Snack Bar

As you can see, Waspy’s Truck Stop in Templeton, Iowa, offers more than the average truck stop. Waspy’s covers all bases, no matter your reason for needing a pit stop. Through the services provided and the fantastic customer service, Waspy’s Truck Stop has climbed to one of the best truck stops in the area.

Hotels – Carrollton Inn

Are you looking for more than a pit stop? If you need a good night’s sleep before hitting the road again, Carrollton Inn is a great hotel in the town over from Templeton, in Carroll, Iowa. Carrollton Inn offers great room prices, complimentary Wi-Fi, a fitness center, an indoor pool, room service, and more. Then, after a night of rest and when you’re ready for some road trip snacks and a full tank, Waspy’s Truck Stop is just in the town over.

Things To Do – Templeton Rye

If you are looking for something to do during your stop, Templeton Rye is a distillery in the area with abundant history. Born from the Prohibition-era Kerkhoff recipe nearly a century old, Templeton Rye’s history lives in every bottle they make. Templeton Rye is a great place for an excellent stop to learn more about “The Good Stuff” and look at the distillery.

Templeton, Iowa, offers it all, whether you are looking for food, gas, a hotel, or something fun. Next time you are hitting the road South to Interstate 80 in Iowa, stop in Templeton. Not only do we have the best truck stop in the area, Waspy’s Truck Stop, but we also have pit stops for entertainment and overnighting as well. For more information on Waspy’s Truck Stop, contact us here.

This post was written by Waspy's Truck Stop