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man holding pheasant with his hunting dog by his side.

November Hunting

To Iowans and Midwesterners alike, November is an important month. Why you may ask? Well, it is hunting season, of course! Hunting in central Iowa is a fluid practice during the month of November. More specifically, public hunting practices in November are designated as the most popular to access in the state. In fact, there are numerous public lands and parks to choose from in Iowa. Ultimately, the ‘game’ you are attempting to hunt will be a deciding factor of where you will hunt. Whether you are prepared for shooting waterfowl and upland game, or you prefer to use a bow and arrow to capture deer, every wildlife area will have something special to offer. For more information on access to wildlife management areas in central Iowa, go to Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources. Here, you will find credible hunting and shooting information for the entire state.

Hunter Education

Although hunting is considered a fantastic experience by most, there are still hunting safety tips that everyone must abide by. For starters, an up-to-date hunting license is required for each individual hunter. Additionally, it is important to note that hunting licenses differ depending on your age, the state you are hunting in, and whether or not a hunting course is required to obtain the license. In Iowa, for instance, the law requires that anyone born after January 1st,1972 must be certified in hunter education before they are eligible to obtain his/her license. For more information on hunting education, or hunting in central Iowa, please click here.

hunter wearing orange

Hunting Safety Tips

There are several hunting safety tips that are important to understand before you head out into the fields. Following these safety tips will ensure that you and those around you will remain out of harm’s way. Here are five hunting tips to ensure ultimate safety:

  1. Always Keep the Barrel of Your Gun Pointed in a Safe Direction
  2. Always Know Whether Or Not Your Gun Is Loaded.
  3. Understand and Obey the Legal Seasons of the Game You Are Hunting.
  4. Let Someone Know Where You Will Be Before Going Out.
  5. Keep an Eye on the Weather and Wear Appropriate Clothing.
  6. Wear Hunting Orange
  7. Know What Your Target Is and What Is Beyond It.

In Sum, please understand and acknowledge all safety regulations and hunting laws Before you plan a hunting trip.

blue grass inn & suites

Calling All Hunters-Stay At The Blue Grass Inn & Suites

After a long day of hunting, what comes to mind? Rest. More Rest. Then Sleep. If you need a warm and comfortable place to stay during your hunting trip, please consider staying at our cozy inn. You will find friendly service and a clean; welcoming room at The Blue Grass Inn & Suites in Audubon, Iowa. Along with our free wifi services, we have a fitness center, and a jacuzzi/pool area to meet your relaxation needs. Contact us today to reserve a room.

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