A Most Convenient Stop in Iowa - Waspy's Truck Stop

There are truck stops all over the country and they are fairly similar to one another. When you visit Waspy’s in Audubon, IA you realize very quickly what sets us apart from all the other truck stops. There are so many things that set us apart from other truck stops like the hotel and restaurant right next to the truck stop and our bio-secure truck wash. We have strived to make the Waspy’s complex a convenient one-stop shop in Iowa for everything you may need while on the road.

The Most Convenient Convenience Store in Iowa


You can fuel your body while you fuel your truck! Waspy’s convenience store features hot and fresh fast food items and sweet ice cream treats that you can enjoy here or take with you to enjoy later. We also have a wide selection of your favorite snack foods you can stock up for later. Our large walk-in cooler is fully stocked with your favorite beverages, and you can enjoy a hot drink at our popular coffee bar. We have stocked this convenience store with everything you could ever need on a roadtrip.


stopping in aububon iowa for fuel is very convenient

Our fuel station carries a wide selection of grades of diesel, off-road diesel, def, unleaded, premium, flex fuels, E-10, E-15, E-25, E-85, bio-fuel, & kerosene so no matter what your vehicle runs on, you know you can fill up here at competitive prices. Our pumps have plenty of room for a tractor-trailer or combine to pull up and refuel. Every bay is clean and convenient with places to wash windshields and headlights. You can also check your tire pressure and, of course, fill up with gas or diesel fuel.

Blue Grass Inn & Suites room

Blue Grass Inn & Suites Makes Getting Rest Convenient

The Blue Grass Inn & Suites is right next to Waspy’s Truck Stop for easy access to accommodations after a long day or night of driving. Other than the big comfy beds we also have a beautiful pool and hot tub that is open year round since it’s indoors. A bonus of staying at the Blue Grass Inn & Suites is our fitness room complete with a treadmill, elliptical and recumbent bike.

Waspy’s Truck Wash is Most Convenient Stop in Iowa

We understand that truck drivers want to keep their rigs shiny and clean. Waspy’s also understands that a truly good truck wash that goes deeper than the surface is hard to come by. Because of this, we offer trailer rinses, bio-secure washes, disinfectants, aluminum brighteners and more.

Our Truck Washing service can handle livestock trailer washouts as well as wash service options for a wide array of trucks, trailers, and oversized vehicles including semi-tractors, livestock trailers, feed trucks, flatbed trailers, grain trailers, gooseneck trailers, reefer trailers, tanker trailers, short tandem grain trucks, dually trucks, RVs, busses, grain hoppers, cars, pickups, SUVs, farm equipment, and more.

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