Whaddya Know About Waspy's?! - Our Slogan - Waspy's Truck Stop

We are impressed by our customer’s knowledge about Waspy’s! Last week we asked about Blue Grass Inn & Suites. This week we wanted to test your knowledge about Waspy’s

What Is Waspy’s Slogan?

On our Facebook poll this week, we asked people if they knew what our slogan is? Here are the results!

waspys slogan

The Answer Is…

Waspy’s slogan is “We’re More Than Just A Truck Stop“. Waspy’s offers fuel, car washes, food, large parking spots, an RV waste station, a convenience store, and much more! With locations in Audubon and Templeton, our customer’s can find exactly what they need. 

waspy's slogan

You’re Becoming A Waspy’s Expert 

Stay tuned for next week’s question to learn more about Waspy’s! Don’t forget to vote on our Facebook page. 

This post was written by Waspy's Truck Stop