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One Stop Shop

Waspy’s Truck Stop has so much to offer its customers. Its quick snack stop is one of these fantastic offers. Waspy’s has two convenient snack stop locations: Audubon and Templeton, Iowa. Both of our locations are spacious, clean, and convenient. Our staff is friendly and ready to serve you whether it be 6pm in the evening or 2am at our 24 hour shop in Audubon, Iowa. Our convenient stores have fresh coffee bars, comfortable sitting areas, and drive-thru windows for our customers’ needs.

convenience store

Convenience Needs and Beyond

At Waspy’s, we like to think that our quick snack stops provide all of the necessary needs of our customers. Ultimately, this means that there is no need to go anywhere else. On top of our walk-in beverage coolers, and hot coffee bar, our convenience stores carry a wide array of over the counter medicines, along with hot fresh snacks. In fact, customers have the choice between walking into our stores, OR using our convenience drive-thru. The choice is yours!

Whether you live close by or our traveling across the state, stopping at a Waspy’s quick snack stop can serve you. In addition to filling up your automobile, our stores include souvenir items, apparel, and snack gift packages. Therefore, if you are on your way to a friend’s place, or party, when you stop for fuel, you can pick up a gift too! At Waspy’s, we like to think that we have you covered.

Personal Items

Along with yummy snacks, excellent coffee, creative gift items, and fresh donuts, we would like to think that our customers can serve their personal needs as well. For example, both of our locations offer clean bathroom facilities, and personal care items such as toothpaste, deodorant, and the like. Furthermore, we have repair kits that will serve your vehicle maintenance needs. Basically, when you stop at our quick snack stops, you will not regret it.

Hours of Operation:

Audubon Location: Open 24 Hours

Templeton Location: Open 5am-9pm

Please Stop and Visit Us Today!

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