Waspy's - Reliable 24-Hour Gas Stations in Audubon & Templeton

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Pay at the Pump Open Even When Convenience Stores are Closed

Any time you need gas in Audubon or Carroll County, Waspy’s is available.

While the convenience stores might not be open, the gas pumps at both the Audubon and Templeton truck stops are available with pay at the pump 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Find Our Gas Stations

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Gas pumps at Waspy's

Gas for Your Vehicle, When You Need it

We know that most people traveling in and around Audubon and Templeton, Iowa, have busy lives. Some work days, some work nights and some travel for a living. You need to know that there is a 24-hour gas station on your way to work (or play) that is available when you need it.

Waspy’s is there for you. Pay at the pump with a major credit card available 24/7, so you can always get gas no matter what your schedule is.

More Fuel Options Than Your Standard Gas Station

Most gas stations these days have regular, maybe premium, and diesel.

At Waspy’s we offer much more variety.

We have:

  • Enough varieties of diesel where truckers can blend their own
  • Off-road diesel
  • DEF
  • Unleaded
  • Premium
  • Flex Fuels including:
    • E-10
    • E-15
    • E-25
    • E-85
  • Bio-Fuel
  • Kerosene
Car Wash

Additional Amenities to Suit Your Needs

Depending on when you stop by, Waspy’s can also help you get out of the cold too! Take off your gloves, mittens, scarves, and your hat for a minute and grab a hot cup of joe or cocoa. Get a hot meal or take out pizza from the kitchen. Scoop up some road snacks to keep you going on the road. Need to get the salt off of your car? No problem! Swing through our car or truck wash for top-notch cleaning. Contact us today to check our hours for the location closest to you.

You can find out more about Waspy’s by visiting our Facebook page, or for more fun and informative videos, check out our YouTube channel!

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