Waspy's Truck Wash: For Buses and RV's Too! - In Audubon, Iowa

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Have a Bus or RV That Needs a Good Cleaning? Stop By Waspy’s in Audubon, IA

It’s called a truck wash, sure, but Waspy’s truck wash is not just for trucks. You can also wash RV’s and buses too! As camping season draws to a close, you may want to give your home away from home a good cleaning before storage. If you need a large vehicle cleaned up, Waspy’s Truck Stop in Audubon, IA is the perfect place to stop. It’s not just a truck wash, it is an RV wash and a bus wash as well.

Waspy’s RV and Bus Wash Features

Our truck wash is designed to wash all oversized vehicles such as: semi-tractors, livestock trailers, feed trucks, flatbed trailers, grain trailers, gooseneck trailers, reefer trailers, tanker trailers, short tandem grain trucks, dually trucks, RVs, busses, grain hoppers, cars, pickups, SUVs, farm equipment, buses and more. Our wash has many features, such as:

  • high power wash
  • trailer rinse
  • bio-secure wash
  • vehicle disinfectant
  • aluminum brighteners
  • and more!

Come For a Wash and Stay For the Amenities

Waspy's Truck Stop Audubon Complex has a complete truck wash, also good for an RV wash too!

At Waspy’s you can come in and get your RV, Bus, Truck, and more cleaned at our truck wash, and you can stay awhile for all the other amenities at the Audubon, IA Waspy’s Truck Stop Complex. We offer tasty grab-and-go food, a well stocked convenience store, The Feel Mill Restaurant, hot fresh coffee, and much more! When you are ready to freshen up your RV after a fun summer, or just stop by to clean your dually off, no matter what, we have all the bases covered for you. Stop by and see us soon at the Waspy’s RV wash, bus wash, truck wash…well you get the picture!

If you would like to learn more about Waspy’s team, our amenities, daily specials, and more, stop by our Facebook page, or subscribe to our YouTube channel!

This post was written by Waspy's Truck Stop