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Attractions Worth Driving To…

Templeton, IA may not be a metropolis like Des Moines, but the area sure does have a lot to offer. In fact, If you are traveling towards Omaha or Des Moines, or if you just want to check out some local sites, Templeton, IA has much to offer the curious traveler. Here is Waspy’s Top 5 Attractions in Templeton, IA.

#1 Templeton Distillery

Templeton Distillery
Templeton Distillery

The Templeton Distillery has been around for quite some time. In fact, the foundation of this distillery can be traced back through family ties during the Prohibition Era. Their motto is “Small Town, Strong Spirit”, and making quality whiskey is important to this small community. Visitors (21 and over) can take a tour, taste Templeton Rye, walk around the grounds, and visit our store shop.

#2 Manning Heritage Park

Hausbarn at Manning Heritage Park

There is a lot to see and do at Manning Heritage Park that explores German heritage, and the farmstead German culture. Whether you stop by the historical farmstead that was built in the early 20th century, visit the unique Hausbarn brought over from Germany in 1996, or take a stroll past the antique farm equipment, there is a little something for everyone. If you are looking for some souvenirs, books on Germany, or candy, be sure to stop by the heritage store.

# 3 The Market Place

The Market Place was created to bring an eclectic shopping experience to the small town of Manning, Il. Founded by a local native, The Market Place has an assortment of products from women’s apparel, textiles, home decor, shoes & accessories, candles and fragrances, and the list goes on. In addition, there is an assortment of coffees, smoothies and more! There is something for everyone to enjoy.

#4 White Rock Conservancy

white rock conservancy
White Rock Conservancy

If you appreciate the outdoors, star gazing, camping, and fishing to name a few, this is the place to go. White Rock Conservancy has so much to offer individuals and families alike. Whether you want to hike the savannah and forest, ride horseback through the 6 miles of equestrian trails, or mountain bike the professionally designed trails, this is the outdoor oasis for the nature lover and adventurer. In addition, there is plenty of fishing, canoeing, and kayaking available. Rent an ATV to discover the land for yourself, see some interesting wildlife, or even spot some bison along the way.

#5 Museum of Danish America

Whether you are a Danish American, or enjoy learning about the history of other cultures and the American Dream, this is the place to visit. The Museum of Danish America has been around since 1983, and continues to celebrate the relationship between Denmark and the United States. The museum holds several fun and educational events each year. It is located on a 30 acre prairie that includes a genealogical center and the Bedstemor’s House.

Templeton, Iowa Has A Lot To Offer

There are so many reasons to be traveling West or East in the state of Iowa. Therefore, be sure to check out the unbeaten paths like those in Templeton as well. If you need to fill up your vehicle or grab a snack, don’t forget to stop by Waspy’s!

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