Truckers, Spend Your Rest Periods at Waspy's - Waspy's Truck Stop

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Semi trucks and trailers parked under a blue night sky

Truckers know federal requirements mandate rest periods. But where would you rather stop? Along the shoulder of an exit ramp? Or at Waspy’s, where we offer an array of services and home comforts and are “More than Just a Truck Stop.”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets hours-of-service rules for truckers. Take advantage of the amenities offered at our Waspy’s locations during your off-duty hours.

Waspy’s has two Iowa locations – Audubon and Templeton.


The Audubon location sits on a 16-acre site. It’s home to The Feed Mill Restaurant, with a full-service bar.

Order a prime sirloin steak, build your own Feed Mill burger, or choose from a variety of menu options, including appetizers, wings, pasta, sandwiches, and dessert.

If you’re searching for something quicker, take advantage of Waspy’s Grab & Go Kitchen with daily specials. It’s part of our clean and friendly convenience store.

Grocery cases with food

The 24/7 convenience store has a spirts den and cigar humidor as well as multiple beverage coolers, freezers and produce. Purchase groceries or buy a F’real milkshake or smoothie.

At our Audubon location, we have a trucker’s lounge dedicated to truck drives. The area includes trucking amenities and accessories.

There are showers and complimentary use of laundry facilities. Everything you need for your rest time.


If you stop at our Templeton location, you can munch on a made-from-scratch donut available at our Coffee Bar.

Templeton’s Grab & Go Kitchen is anything but “fast food.” The menu includes everything from hand-breaded broasted chicken to half-pound burgers and daily specials. Carry out or stay and eat in our seating area.

Soft-serve ice cream is available for those needing a sweet treat. We also offer a walk-in cooler with a variety of beverages.

Our convenience store is full-stocked, and there’s an ATM for your convenience.

Federal regulations require you stop for rest periods, and, in Iowa, there’s no better place to stop than Waspy’s.

This post was written by Waspy's Truck Stop