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Spot Clean Your Car This Fall

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Fall is that time of year when our cars get dirty from changing weather. Lots of rain brings lots of extra mud, and the mix dirties are car even more. This is why you should wash your car at Waspy’s this fall. Both of our locations have a 24 hour service car wash. This is extremely convenient as both of our locations our located on Highway 71 near I-80.

In addition to washing the outside of your vehicle, the interior may need just as much cleaning. In fact, both of our Waspy’s car washes have a personal detail service station where every vehicle can get sparkly clean on the inside. Why wash your car this fall? Well, on top of making your car sparkle, washing your car will keep dirt and debris from getting ingrained on your vehicle.

muddy car


Ultimately, keeping the exterior of your car clean will keep the paint in tact with less damage. Similarly, keeping the interior of your car clean will help eliminate those yucky odors that often build up in our cars. So, if you live near our car washes, or just happen to be passing by, wash your car at Waspy’s this fall!

Other benefits of washing your car here at Waspy’s includes the following:


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