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Semi truck and livestock trailer wash out at Waspy's Truck Stop

Waspy’s Truck Wash in Audubon,Iowa is now open for business! This truck and trailer wash is a new state of the art facility can wipe your large vehicle into tip top shape in no time. In fact, why not wash your RV before you put it to rest for the season? This year, more than ever, has seen lots of vehicles and RV’s on the road due to the pandemic. According to the Business Insider, RV sales soared by 30% in the fall of 2020 compared to the previous year. For obvious reasons, more people chose to travel by way of road instead of by way of air. So how can you take care of your recreational vehicle this year?

Stop By Waspy’s Truck Wash

Waspy's Truck Wash Operational Hours and washout details

For starters, you should stop by Waspy’s brand new Truck Wash located at the Waspy’s Truck Stop Complex off of Highway 71. This new facility can accommodate numerous models of large vehicles including semi-tractors, livestock trailers, feed trucks, busses, and RV’s to name a few. We offer wash out services on top of wash service options. Furthermore, we can provide detailed trailer rinses that includes disinfectant and aluminum brightener. Ultimately, at Waspy’s truck wash, we’d like to think we can serve all of your ‘washing’ needs.

RV Cleanup

There are a few reasons why you will want to wash your RV this new year. For starters, many of you will be visiting family and friends over the holidays and who wants to look at a dirty RV? Keeping this quality mobile home in great shape will make your travels that much smoother. In addition, after having been on the road for some time, your RV will need to be washed before storing it away for the season. Or, perhaps it will just need a good cleaning before getting it out into the open rode once again. Either way, Waspy’s Truck Stop can be your ‘go to’ truck and trailer wash.

Stop By Waspy’s

Our Audubon Truck Stop has so much to offer the holiday traveler-from our comfortable trucker’s lounge, to our 24-hour convenience store, to our variety of fuel options, there is something for everyone! In fact, we are even offering a business charge account option for truck wash needs. If you want more information over this additional option, please fill out this form. For further contact information, please call 712-563-5454 or email  janell.remsburg@waspystruckstop.com.

We hope to see you around Waspy’s Truck Stop in the new year and look forward to servicing your needs whether this be food, fuel, lodging, or washing!

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