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If You are a Trucker in Iowa, Waspy’s Has You Covered

At Waspy’s we truly value each and every truck driver that travels through our state. We know you work hard, and deserve a truck stop that gives you what you are looking for. There are certain things that when asked, truckers indicated are a must while they are on the road: we have clean facilities, grab and go convenience, darn good food, and ample parking. That is just the beginning! If you are a trucker traveling through the state of Iowa, we hope you will stop by to see what we have to offer.

What Truckers Want

We designed our truck stop to cater to the traveler visiting the state of Iowa. We are especially grateful for our hard working truckers, and want to make sure you have a place that covers your needs:

Truckers are looking for clean facilities such as our truckers lounge, laundry, showers and restrooms.

Clean Facilities. At Waspy’s we offer immaculate showers, restrooms, laundry, and a trucker’s lounge. We know that having a clean place to refresh is very important.

The Feed Mill restaurant offers traveling truckers a home cooked meal.

A place for a good, home cooked meal. You are what you eat, as they say. That is why truckers need a place for good home cooked food, as well as healthy options.

Grab and go kitchen and convenience store.

A trucker’s time is valuable. We understand that under many circumstances, being able to stop and go quickly is necessary. That is why we offer an amply stocked convenience store and grab and go kitchen.

Ample parking for truckers.

You can’t stop if you can’t park. Ample space for parking is a must for truckers. That is why we have a large area specifically for truckers to park their rigs while they refuel and refresh.

If You Are Trucking Through Iowa, Stop and See Waspy’s

Truckers in Iowa, Waspy’s is here for you. In addition to all we have mentioned, we also have Waspy’s Truck Wash, The Feed Mill Restaurant, Blue Grass Inn & Suites, and two locations in Audubon and Templeton, Iowa to serve you. Come rest, refuel, and relax with us as you continue your long haul. We hope to see you soon!

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