Waspy's Humidor Keeps Cigars Fresh - Waspy's Truck Stop

In Waspy’s Spirits Den at our convenience store in Audubon, Iowa, you’ll find a cigar humidor. But why? Why is it important to keep cigars in a humidor?

At Waspy’s, “We’re More than Just a Truck Stop.” We put our customers first, and for those who enjoy cigars, we want to offer the ideal condition for cigars.

Our six-shelf humidor is located inside our Spirits Den. In order to keep cigars in tip-top, optimal shape, humidity must be regulated.

Cigar Tobacco is Humidity-Sensitive

Cigar tobacco is humidity-sensitive. It both absorbs and releases moisture, which makes regulating the humidity around it crucial. So what happens when a cigar dries out? If the cigar gets too dry, it may:

  • Become difficult or impossible to smoke.
  • The flavor may taste bitter.
  • The cigars will lose essential oils and flavors.
  • They will swell and make it difficult to get a decent draw.

Humidor Keeps Cigars in Tip-Top Condition

With most cigars, it only takes about two to three days for cigars to lose their moisture and become equal to the humidity in the air around them. The solution is a humidor, and the best are made of wood and have room for air to circulate inside. The ideal relative humidity in a humidor is around 68–72%.

Waspy’s stand-up humidor is made of wood with a glass door, that elegantly displays the cigars so our customers can best view the cigar options while they remain fresh and ready for you to enjoy. It is our hope to give you an experience like no other when you visit us, and we hope walking out with the fresh cigar of your choice makes it memorable.

This post was written by Waspy's Truck Stop