Iowa Pork Producers Association Recognizes Waspy's -

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IOwa pork producer Waspy's Handlos Family
The Handlos family includes, from left: Brian and Pat Handlos, Lawrence and Doris Handlos, and Beth Handlos Wahlert.

Waspy’s and the Handlos family were recently recognized by the Iowa Pork Producers Association for the economic benefits they’ve brought to Audubon County.

Longtime Audubon-area pig farmers Lawrence “Waspy” Handlos and his wife, Doris, employ a number of people through their family Iowa pork operation, Handlos Family Farms, as well as in non-farm jobs at Waspy’s Truck Stop Complex.

The Iowa Pork Producers Association recognizes that with the growth of the Waspy’s Truck Stop complex in Audubon County new jobs have been created. In addition, new business such as Waspy’s helps offer more to those looking to move to Audubon County, one of the lest populated counties in Iowa. They point out that the Handlos family wants to see their community thrive, and their contributions to jobs and opportunities help make that happen.

The Waspy’s Truck Stop Audubon complex includes a range of businesses including: a convenience store, Waspy’s Truck Wash, The Feed Mill, Blue Grass Inn & Suites, Audubon Diesel and more.

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