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A clean rig is a very important part of maintaining a positive reputation as an over the road trucker, and maintaining a good relationship with your transportation company. In addition, regular trailer washouts helps you comply with health and safety standards. No matter what you are hauling, from food to livestock and beyond, utilizing a trailer wash, like the top-notch facility at Waspy’s will keep you on the road safely. So what makes a trailer wash different from a standard truck wash? Let’s take a closer look. 

Trailer Wash Out

Waspy's truck wash, where you can get a trailer wash out.

The key difference for a trailer washout is cleaning the full trailer from the front to the back with high pressure which disinfects the entire trailer. This includes the walls, ceiling, and floors from top to bottom, giving your trailer a clean bill of health. At Waspy’s, your truck’s trailer will get the very best in disinfection, giving you peace of mind that you are meeting requirements, and maintaining a safe storage space while on the road. From the very front to the back exit, your trailer will be clean. 

A well-done trailer wash out will help you maintain your trailer, so it is a great idea to leave it to the professionals at Waspy’s!

Let Waspy’s Do the Work While You Relax

At Waspy’s you will find a place to rest and refresh while getting your trailer wash out done. Take advantage of our clean and comfortable truckers lounge facilities. We offer a sitting lounge to relax in, plus showers, a restroom, and a laundry area. Grab a bite to eat at our Grab and Go kitchen, or in our Audubon location, our restaurant, The Feed Mill. Stock up on snacks and essentials at our convenience store. We can help you with all your needs as you get prepared to continue your journey. 

Want to learn more about our truck wash and trailer wash out service? Contact us today at 712-669-9551! It would be our pleasure to provide trailer wash out service for you, and keep your rig healthy and clean. We hope that you will stop by and visit us soon!

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truck wash pricing list
truck wash pricing list

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