When Traveling, Take Time to Exercise - Waspy's Truck Stop

Life on the road can take its toll. Hours in a vehicle coupled with fast food meals can leave travelers feeling blah. Recharge and reset by making the most of your hotel’s exercise facilities.

Exercise equipment in the gym at Blue Grass Inn & Suites
The exercise room at Blue Grass Inn & Suites offers a treadmill, elliptical and recumbent bike.

Nearly all hotels offer an exercise room or gym. Standard equipment often includes a treadmill, elliptical and bike, all three of which you will find in the exercise room at Blue Grass Inn & Suites, in Audubon, Iowa.

High-intensity interval training is a ‘HIIT’

Cardio equipment is perfect for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). During a HIIT workout, an individual alternates between short work intervals at 70 to 90 percent max heart rate and rest periods (60 to 65 percent max heart rate).

HIIT workouts have a significantly reduced time commitment, perfect for an on-the-go traveler.

For travelers looking for a more laid-back workout, even a slow pace on the treadmill, elliptical or bike has health benefits. 

At Blue Grass Inn & Suites, our exercise room has a TV, which means you can catch up on your favorite show while burning calories.

Indoor pool offers a low-impact option

For those wanting a low-impact exercise regimen, our indoor swimming pool offers the perfect place to workout.

Blue Grass Inn & Suites indoor pool with glass windows surrounding two sides
Swimming or treading water in our indoor pool offers a low-impact exercise option.

Treading water or swimming laps allows you to burn calories with little impact on your joints. 

Researchers have noticed a link between water and our mental state. There may be no better way for a road-weary traveler to relax than by spending time in the water.

Just floating in our indoor swimming pool offers a relaxing, calm experience and can help with mental tranquility. 

After a pool workout, relax in our Jacuzzi.

Head outside to the T-Bone Recreational Trail

After hours cooped up in a vehicle, some travelers just want to be outside. Blue Grass Inn & Suites is less than half a mile from the T-Bone Recreational Trail.

The 21-mile hard-surface trail is perfect for biking, walking, running or rollerblading. 

Located on a former railroad right-of-way, the T-Bone Recreational Trail has been designated an American Discovery Trail

Exercise is a positive while on the road

child and adult feet walking on leaf covered trail
The T-Bone Recreational Trail is less than half a mile away from Blue Grass Inn & Suites.

Exercise has been proven to increase serotonin, which helps the brain regulate mood, sleep, and appetite. All of which helps put a traveler in a better state of mind.

Despite all of the perks of exercising while traveling, few people do it.  

A survey by the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration revealed that 46% of hotel guests planned to use the exercise. In reality, only 22 percent did.

Make time for yourself when you visit Blue Grass Inn & Suites. Check out our exercise room or indoor pool or enjoy the great outdoors on the T-Bone Recreational Trail.

This post was written by Waspy's Truck Stop