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winter car wash

Salt can help melt ice and keep roads clear, but the mineral is rough on vehicles. Regular car washes during the winter months can protect your auto.

Top-notch car washes are at both the Templeton and Audubon locations of Waspy’s Truck Stop. Automatic and hand wash bays are available at the car washes. 

Entrance to automatic car wash at Waspy's Truck Stop.
Let Waspy’s Car Wash keep your vehicle clean this winter.

The Iowa Department of Transportation spends approximately $13 million each year on road salt. That doesn’t even start to count what individual Iowa towns, cities, and counties spend on salt.

The worse the winter, the more salt spread on roads and highways. Salt lowers the freezing point of water, making it easier to melt ice.

Salt on a Vehicle Leads to Rust

That’s great when it comes to keeping roadways ice free and safe. However, the downside is salt accelerates the oxidation process for steel. 

Close up of rust on vehicle
Salt can speed up the oxidation process for steel, leading to rust.

This means if salt gets on your car – especially the undercarriage – it can cause rust. And once the rust is on your vehicle, it’s very difficult to stop or reverse.

Rust not only deteriorates a vehicle, but it also lowers its resale value and can lead to structural problems. 

Washing Your Car Prevents Salt Damage

Regular car washes, especially in the winter months, can help prevent salt damage. 

Experts recommend washing your car every 10 to 14 days in the winter months. However, that can be difficult when the temperature dips below zero. To keep locks from freezing, its best to wash your vehicle when the temperature is 40 degrees or more.

During the winter months, it’s best to wash your car in the daylight hours. The sunshine will help dry your car before colder evening temperatures set in.

Waspy’s Keeps Your Vehicle Clean

At Waspy’s Car Wash, our washes include a high-pressure pre-wash to help remove road salt build up. The under car spray clears salt and winter gunk from your vehicle’s undercarriage. 

We also offer an XpresWash pass. XpresWash works by utilizing RFID (radio frequency identification) to read a unique identifier off of the windshield mounted tag

The system then is able to look up the vehicle information, account holder information, and determine the selected wash package based on that identifier. RFID is a fast, dependable, and secure way of linking a vehicle to an account

When you pull up to the car wash, your tag is scanned, giving you the green light to enter the wash. The system then automatically charges the account that you have specified.

Don’t let Old Man Winter wreak havoc on your car. Regular Waspy’s Car Washes will help keep rust away.

This post was written by Waspy's Truck Stop