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Audubon Diesel Truck and Trailer Repair shop

If you are looking for diesel mechanics in the Audubon, Iowa area, look no further. Our brand new diesel repair shop can find solutions to all things related to commercial trucks, tractors, trailers, and the like. Along with diesel repairs, our operator’s service tire repairs for all types of vehicles. In fact, Audubon Diesel is operated by three experienced diesel mechanics: Kaiti Anthofer, Travis Anthofer and Doug Anthofer. The repair shop is located in the Waspy’s Truck Service Center at the Waspy’s Truck Stop Complex.

Wash and Service All in One Stop

diesel mechanics working on semi-truck at Audubon Diesel

Whether you want to book an appointment for a few weeks out, a few days, or have an emergency on the road, we want to service all of your diesel mechanic and tire needs. Please call us at (712) 563-3737 to schedule an appointment, and for all other inquiries. For more information on diesel fuel types, please read our recent Latest Buzz post.

In addition to diesel repair services, Waspy’s Truck Wash is located in the same truck stop complex. Our commercial wash includes 4 truck wash bays. So basically, you can fix and clean your truck or trailer in the same location! During your stay at Audubon Diesel and Waspy’s Truck Wash, feel free to utilize our comfortable trucker lounge, our clean and friendly convenient store, and our certified scale with five-axle capacity.

Relax While We Work on Your Truck

While waiting for your vehicle to be repaired, make yourself comfortable in the waiting area. Grab a cup of coffee. If you need a ride to our other Waspy’s locations like The Feed Mill, or Grab & Go Kitchen, let us know. We can give you a ride!

Audubon Diesel mechanics are located at 2081 Highway 71, Audubon, IA 50025 (Located in the Waspy’s Truck Service Center at the Waspy’s Truck Stop Complex) If you would like more information about the services that we provide contact us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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