Nathaniel Hamlin Park & Museum Is Down The Road from Waspy's
Nathaniel Hamlin Park and Museum

Located less than a mile south of Waspy’s in Audubon is the Nathaniel Hamlin Park and Museum, a great place to visit and learn about the history of Audubon County

Site showcases the history of Audubon County

Elk at the Nathaniel Hamlin Park & Museum

The National Register of Historic Places lists Nathaniel Hamlin Park and Museum. The museum tells the story of settlement in the Audubon County area from the 1850s to the present day. The park and museum are named after Nathaniel Hamlin, one of the earliest white settlers in Audubon County.

View elk and enjoy the nature trail

Bridge heading out to an elk viewing station at Nathaniel Hamlin Park

The park is open year-round and includes a nature trail and pioneer cemetery. The Nathaniel Hamlin Park and Museum is also home to a small herd of elk. A viewing platform and gazebo make the perfect spot to watch the elk.

Take advantage of the Grab & Go menu offerings at Waspy’s and enjoy a picnic onsite at the Nathaniel Hamlin Park and Museum. 

Home gives a glimpse of turn-of-the-century life

The home on the site was built in 1890 and served as a home for the indigent, or poor, of the county. Today, that building serves as a museum and gives a glimpse of what life would be like living during the turn of the century. 

Other rooms in the house showcase artifact displays. This includes quilting and sewing, military memorabilia, hats and clothing, birds and animals, and more. 

Beef industry mural and farm equipment on display

Corn statue at Nathaniel Hamlin Park

Elsewhere on the property, a second building showcases Audubon’s agricultural history. Including a giant wall mural depicting the history of the beef industry. Farm machinery and historic tools are on display throughout the property, including a collection of historic farm windmills. 

To further help visitors learn about the area’s history, the Nathaniel Hamlin Park and Museum features a one-room school house

The park grounds are open year-round. For more information on museum building hours, click here. 

In addition to being less than a mile from Waspy’s, Blue Grass Inn and Suites and The Feed Mill Restaurant, the museum and park are also just a short drive away from Albert, The World’s Largest Bull Statue, an Audubon landmark.

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