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Wedding couple holding hands
When planning your wedding, make sure you reserve a block of hotel rooms for your guests.

Planning a wedding is a complex undertaking. There are numerous tasks to do, places to be and things to organize.

However, don’t underestimate the importance of reserving a block of hotel rooms for your guests. 

If you’re hosting a wedding in Audubon, Carroll County or the surrounding western Iowa region, consider having your guests stay in comfort at Blue Grass Inn & Suites.

You may reserve a Wedding Block at Any Time

“We love weddings,” said Beth Handlos Wahlert, Chief Operating Officer of Waspy’s, the family-owned business that owns Blue Grass Inn & Suites.

“We like having the bride and groom and their entire family come in. We’re happy to accommodate,” said Wahlert.

Opened in 2018, Blue Grass Inn & Suites has 36 spacious and comfortable hotel rooms.

Blue Grass Inn & Suite Double Room Suite living room looking toward bedroom
The bride and groom can relax in one of Blue Grass Inn & Suite’s Double Room Suites.

Statistics show the most popular months for weddings in the United States are in the summer and fall.

However, you can reserve a block of rooms at Blue Grass Inn & Suites “as soon as your wedding date is confirmed” said hotel’s general manager, Kimberly Irlbeck. 

“The bride or groom creating the wedding block isn’t required to provide us with a credit card – only the individual guests making a room reservation,” she added.

Due to the limited number of rooms we have, we do limit wedding blocks to 10 rooms per block. You can reserve up to two blocks of rooms per weekend.

Any rooms in the block that haven’t been booked by a wedding guest 14 days before the event are released to the general public, said Irlbeck.

Hotel room blocks are a key component of your wedding guests’ experience. For out-of-town guests, providing a hotel block helps eliminate the stress of trying to find a place to stay.

Welcome Wedding Guests With Special Bags

A hotel block also gives the bride and groom a chance to make their guests feel extra special. Many couples will create “welcome” bags for out-of-town guests. Popular items may include snacks, maps of the area, tiny trinkets or any other treat to welcome your very-important-guests.

At Blue Grass Inn & Suites, we offer two options for distributing gift bags. You can either leave them in the room for each arriving guest or they can be distributed at the front desk as guests check-in.

Tables and chairs in the party room at Blue Grass Inn & Suites
The party room at Blue Grass Inn & Suites can be reserved for wedding gift opening.

“We’re happy to do either,” said Irlbeck. “If the party provides us with names, we can hand out the gift bags at check-in.”

For the newlywed couple themselves, Blue Grass Inn & Suites has spacious Deluxe King or Double Room suites available.

Reserve the party room for gift opening

For some couples, the day after the wedding is the perfect time to open gifts. For those wanting to open gifts and still spend time with their out-of-town guests, Blue Grass Inn & Suites offers a party room that can be reserved for gift opening.

Blue Grass Inn & Suites offers a number of amenities, including an indoor pool and Jacuzzi.

Blue Grass Inn & Suites Located on Waspy’s Complex

Located on the Waspy’s Truck Stop complex, which means your wedding guests will have a convenient place to fuel up before departing.

For more information, or to reserve a wedding block at Blue Grass Inn & Suites, phone (712) 563-2126.

This post was written by Waspy's Truck Stop