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We appreciate our truck drivers

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

We appreciate our truck drivers! In fact, did you know that National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is coming up? September 13th-20th to be exact. We appreciate our truck drivers all year long, but it sure is great to have one week devoted to these hardworking drivers. As states; “National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time for America to pay respect and thank all the professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in undertaking one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs.” Furthermore, this year these 3.5 million men and women truck drivers have taken to the roads even during a global pandemic. If it were not for this crucial role of delivering goods during these unprecedented times, our American economy might have taken an even bigger toll. 

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Waspy’s Truck Stop Cares

All of us at Waspy’s Truck Stop show our appreciation for these hard working drivers by giving them incentives every time they visit. Actually, we want to make our drivers ‘feel at home’ when they stop for a visit. Furthermore, because we appreciate our drivers, we want to make their visit an easier experience. As a matter of fact, we like to go out of our way to show that we care!

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Here are a few benefits that we give that truck drivers enjoy:

Let Us Show Our Appreciation

Please stop by both of our Waspy’s Truck Stop locations. Both our Audubon and Templeton truck stop locations have plenty to offer. To put it simply, we want our truck drivers to feel appreciated all year long, but let us especially acknowledge them during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

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