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Two Palms Grilling and Catering started more than 10 years ago in 2009. Started by Brian and Pat Handlos, Two Palms joined the Waspy’s family in 2017. Brian and Pat specialize in pork dishes and they farrow approximately 350,000 pigs annually!

Grilling and Catering

Grilling and smoking pork products has always been a passion for both Pat and Brian.

“I always loved to grill pork, and I wanted to really stick to the basics when I grilled,” Brian says. “We started with a small grill, experimenting with different seasonings and styles, and then we grew from there.”

The two started off on a small grill just sticking to basic tried and true pork recipes, but now features a 32-foot grill for their catering. They offer full-service catering around the Audubon area and have been asked to serve their famous pork loin sandwiches to both rock and country music stars!

Two Palms Grilling and Catering is available for events around the Audubon area. While pork is their famous and favorite dish, they offer full catering services!

More Info

If you want to know more about catering services or want Two Grill Grilling and Catering to cater your event, contact us at (712) 563-5409 or!

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