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White RV parked under a tree awaiting an RV waste station
Waspy’s Truck Stop offers RV Waste Stations at both its Templeton and Audubon, Iowa locations.

RV sales are skyrocketing. With new RV owners taking to the road, they’re bound to be faced with a very important question. “Where can I dump my RV waste?” Waspy’s has RV waste stations at both their Audubon and Templeton locations.

The summer of 2020 has seen a boom in RV sales. Business Insider reported RV dealers are seeing a spike in purchases with some manufacturers struggling to keep up with orders. 

COVID-19 has restricted international travel and made many Americans leary of air travel in general. However, the pandemic hasn’t stopped people from wanting to vacation and enjoy the summer.

For many, the safest form of travel is a road trip. The RV Industry Association estimates 46 million Americans will take an RV trip in the next year. 

What Is RV Waste?

As RV owners, and even those renting an RV for the first time, get used to their rig, one question will arise – “What do we do with RV waste?”

The joy of traveling in an RV means you have a home away-from-home. The downside is that means all parts of your home … including the toilet. 

RV waste is divided into two types, black water and gray water.

Black water is human waste and sewage. You get black water from the RV’s toilet.

Gray waste comes from the shower as well as kitchen and bathroom sinks. 

Dumping your RV’s waste tanks isn’t a task many enjoy, but it is necessary. However, finding a RV dump station can be tricky. 

We want to make life more convenient for RV travelers. We have dump stations at both of our Waspy’s locations.

When you empty your RV waste, remember the following tips:

  • Pull up to the potable water station to reduce the risk of contaminating the freshwater hose.
  • Empty black water tank before the gray water tank. That way the “soapy water” from your gray tank can help clean residue from the hose.
  • After emptying the holding tanks, wipe down the surface and clean your hands.
  • Put gloves in the trash after using them.

Once you’ve finished emptying your RV tanks, come inside and reward yourself with a treat from our convenience store. We offer an array of beverages and snacks

Offering RV waste stations is one of the reasons why at Waspy’s “We’re More Than Just A Truck Stop.”

This post was written by Waspy's Truck Stop