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drinks behind cooler doors at Waspy's

Whether you call it pop, soda, or cola, Waspy’s has it. The wall of glass-fronted cooler doors at their Audubon and Templeton locations showcases an array of drink options.

Waspy’s takes pride in the variety of drink offerings its convenience stores provide. The Audubon store alone has products behind 14 different cooler doors, and the number of cooler doors in Templeton rivals that.

Behind the doors, neatly lined up and refreshingly chilled, is a wide array of drink options.

Waspy’s Carries Popular and Unique Drinks

If you’re looking for one of the 10 most popular soda brands in America, chances are, Waspy’s has it.  And, if you’re curious, the top brands are:

  1. Coca Cola
  2. Diet Coke
  3. Pepsi
  4. Mountain Dew
  5. Dr. Pepper
  6. Sprite
  7. Diet Pepsi
  8. Diet Mountain Dew
  9. Diet Dr. Pepper
  10. Fanta

Perhaps you’re in the mood for a non-carbonated beverage? Waspy’s has flavored juices, including classic orange juice, as well as bottled water (plain or flavored), milk and ice tea (sweet and unsweetened).

Maybe it’s an energy drink you need to pep you up, a Gatorade to rehydrate or perhaps you want to start your day with one of Starbucks’ bottled Frappuccino Mocha drinks, if so, Waspy’s has it.

Often, Buying Multiples Will Save You Money

Often times, we offer deals when you buy multiple bottles of the same drink. And if bottles aren’t your thing, we also offer cans.

If you’re trying to please a crowd, we have cases of pop and water available. We also offer gallons of milk.

Come See Why “We’re More Than Just A Truck Stop”

At Waspy’s, we do our best to offer our customers a large variety of their favorite drinks. Visit our Audubon or Templeton convenience stores and quench your thirst.

Come see why at family-owned Waspy’s “We’re More Than Just a Truck Stop.”

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