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Here are six tips to keep you safe while pumping gas.

When you’re at the gas pump, safety should be a priority. At Waspy’s, our customers are our top priority. We want them to be mindful while at the pump. Here are 6 tips to help you stay safe pumping gas.

Here are six tips to keep you safe while pumping gas.

1 – While pumping gas, don’t leave the engine running

Static electricity-related incidents at the gas pump are uncommon, but they can happen. A spark from static electricity can start a fire. Make sure your vehicle is in park and the engine shut off before pumping gas.

Close up of a motor with gears and pistons.
Side profile of a man behind the wheel of a vehicle. The dashboard and steering wheel are shown.

2 – Don’t get back in your car

The friction between your clothing and when you slide back into your car seat may cause static electricity build up. According to a Purdue University report, “Static electricity fires at gas stations are more common than they used to be. One of the primary reasons is the switch to self-serve gas pumps. Other factors that add to the amount of static electricity are the increased number of electronic components in cars, tires made with more synthetic material, people wearing more synthetic fibers and use of nylon seat covers”

3 – Don’t use your cell phone

Gas stations – such as Waspy’s Templeton, Iowa, and Audubon, Iowa, locations – are busy places. Cars are pulling in and out, people are walking, and the entire area is a hive of activity. When you’re on your cell phone, you’re more likely to be distracted. Avoid using the phone so you can stay alert and focus on what you’re doing and your surroundings.

Hand holding a white iPhone with a blue starry galaxy as the lock screen cover.
Keeping children in the car while pumping gas is a safe practice.

4 – Keep children in the car

Cars, semis, RVs, and trailers are on the go in a gas station parking lot. Children should remain in the vehicle while you’re pumping gas. This keeps them protected from distracted drivers. Of course, if you walk away from the pump or into Waspy’s convenience stores, take your children with you. Never leave them unattended in the vehicle.

5 – Don’t smoke while pumping gas

Fuel and open flame are an explosive combination. Never smoke around a gas pump. Likewise, never ignite a lighter or light matches near a gas pump.

To remain safe while pumping gas, it is recommended that you do no smoke.
To remain safe pumping gas, wash your hands to remove gas from your skin.

6 – Keep gasoline off your skin

Exposure to gasoline or gasoline vapors in large amounts or over an extended period can cause serious health complications. Limited contact is usually harmless, however it’s best to wash off any gasoline that may come in contact with your skin as soon as possible. Use lukewarm water and soap to remove fuel from your hands.

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This post was written by Waspy's Truck Stop