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Book a room at the Blue Grass Inn & Suites to relax and enjoy your holidays.

Blue Grass Inn & Suites

The holiday season is fast approaching, and holiday time means family time. However, do you sometimes find yourself having TOO much family time during the holidays? Book a room at Blue Grass Inn & Suites to give you and your family some time apart.

Book a room at the Blue Grass Inn & Suites for a relaxing holiday getaway.

Reports show most Americans experience tension at family events, with one psychologist noting 75% of people said they had at least one family member who got on their nerves.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays of joy, love, celebration, and togetherness, but too much togetherness can lead to arguments, fights, and tension.

The holidays can leave people feeling trapped and tense. Having an exit strategy is necessary.

If you’re visiting from out of town or if you have relatives coming to see you, the solution is time apart.

As Mark Twain once said, “Familiarity breeds contempt.”

Save Your Sanity, Book a Blue Grass Room

Blue Grass Inn & Suites is your solution. Book your room now to ensure you have a retreat during the holidays.

Sink into one of our comfortable beds for a peaceful night’s sleep. No sleeping on the couch or air mattress for you! 

Enjoy having the remote control to yourself as you browse channels and watch what you want to. 

Improve your mood (and work off those extra pounds from all the holiday meals) by working out in our fitness center.

Even better, bring your swimsuit and relax in our pool or spend time in our Jacuzzi and let your cares melt away.

Knowing you have your own private escape awaiting you at Blue Grass Inn & Suites will help make your holiday manageable … and maybe even festive.

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