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Family-Owned Waspy’s Goal is to Be Your One Stop For All Your Needs While Traveling in the Midwest

At Waspy’s, we know that we are lucky enough to serve both our local community and all the wonderful travelers that take I-80 through Iowa. Being a truck stop near I-80 Iowa, our goal is to provide you with a one-stop location for all your travel needs, including everyone from the casual traveler to the most well-seasoned trucker traveling the midwest. Our truck stop was born of an idea built on family values. It is our desire to be a welcoming place for you to stop where you will always find a friendly face.

Our Two Truck Stops Near I-80 For All Your Travel Needs

Waspy’s has two truck stops near I-80 in Iowa: Audubon, IA, and Templeton, IA. Both were built because we want you to have a place to fulfill all your travel needs. Here are the amenities at each location:

Ample Truck parking at Waspy's truck stop near i-80 Iowa

Templeton, IA

703 Rye Ave, Templeton, IA 51463

Audubon, IA

2079 US-71, Audubon, IA 50025

At both locations, you will find a professional and friendly staff ready to help you with whatever you may need. In addition, it is our top priority to have a clean and inviting facility to rest as you travel. If you are looking for a truck stop near I-80, Waspy’s is your one-stop family-friendly location. Contact us any time for more information, and come see us soon!

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