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Waspy's manager sitting on cases of beer.
Check out Waspy’s wide selection of beer and spirits.

During the Middle Ages, engaging in the festive tradition of “going a-wassailing” involved singing carols in return for drinks. In our contemporary times, the need for songs has diminished, as Waspy’s proudly offers an extensive array of beer and spirits to elevate your Christmas celebrations.

The synergy between Christmas and holiday drinks is undeniable. The cold winter nights provide the perfect backdrop for indulging in a variety of warm, comforting beverages that enhance the festive spirit.

Combat the chill of snowy December days by savoring the delightful warmth of spiked hot chocolate. Alternatively, embrace the timeless appeal of traditional choices like egg nog or mulled wine, as they add a classic touch to your family gatherings.

Spirts Den Features Array of Options

Waspys sprits den and humidor
Find your favorite drink in Waspy’s Spirits Den.

Spiced alcoholic cider drinks capture the joy of the season when families are together. Perhaps you sip on a mimosa while gathered around the tree to open gifts Christmas morning.

For some families, no Christmas dinner is complete without a boozy holiday dessert. A bourbon-filled cake or a fruit cake soaked in liqueur is the final course of a special meal.

Or perhaps you don’t need a special holiday drink, but just your favorite case of beer. 

Whatever your holiday tipple of choice, Waspy’s can help. Our walk-in Spirits Den can meet your beverage needs.

Check out our great selection of beer and spirits. We also have a wide array of non-alcoholic beverages. When it comes to stocking your fridge with holiday drinks, Waspy’s is your one-stop shop.

Visit Waspy’s locations in Audobon and Templeton.

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